ZPS 正弦波逆变器
3KW 风光互补系统
100W-300W 垂直轴风力发电机
太阳能充电控制器 (3KW-20KW
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 Zonhan has for over 10 years been specializing in wind and solar power products.  We service everything we sell. We have seen scores of companies come and go, but we have consistently been here to take care of our customers. We supply good quality, low-priced renewable energy systems - proving that renewable power need not cost the earth.  We've provided you very comprehensive alternative energy products, including complete systems, solar power panels, wind power generators, inverters, and controllers. Our mission is to demonstrate that green energy is genuinely viable, whether you are living on or off grid - and that renewable energy can be a sound financial investment, as well as a sound investment in our future. 
        We believe that Alternative Energy products should not only be utilitarian, but also be aesthetically pleasing to look at. Our experience means that we will execute our services as efficiently as humanly possible. And lastly, we believe in innovation and creativity, finding new ways to serve our customers better.



Our company has manufacturing bases In Wenzhou.


At present, we specially manufacture and export small wind turbine, solar panel, micro hydro turbine, inverter and controller.

Overseas business partners:

We have established broad and friendly cooperation relations with more than 60 countries and regions. North and South America, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Africa, Hongkong, Taiwan etc countries and regions.

Philosophy: what can we do for you?

Suitable product, suitable price, best service.
Creating value for Customers
The purpose is to continually create new value for customers.
In the process of creating value for customers, Zonhan will naturally innovate and develop the products and services our customers want, moving us one step closer to our goal of providing the utmost value.

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