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WP50D Solar Charge Regulator with LCD Backlight

Product Numbers: 2016714105355

Price: US $

Product description:Features: 1. Three Stage Charging: Bulk Charge, Absorption Charge, Float Charge; 2. Presets Parameters for Three Different Types of Battery: GEL, SEALED, FLOOD; 3. Auto-detect the battery voltage or locked to a fixed voltage; 4. Adjustable charging voltage;


New WP50D Best PWM Solar Charge Regulator 50A 12V 24V 48V

1. The controller is a new series of intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge controllers.

2. Its innovative structured design makes it easy to install and more reliable to use.

3. Optimized charging and discharging management enables the service life of batteries to be greatly boosted.

4. Meanwhile, more system symbols can be displayed in bigger LCD interface.

5. Vivid symbols can show the working status of the system and relevant parameters can be fully displayed.

6. What's more, intelligent control of LED backlight makes it possible to see all symbols and parameters clearly even in the dim light conditions.

7. Various control parameters can be flexibly set to fully meet your various application requirements.

1. Three Stage Charging: Bulk Charge, Absorption Charge, Float Charge;
2. Presets Parameters for Three Different Types of Battery: GEL, SEALED, FLOOD;
3. Auto-detect the battery voltage or locked to a fixed voltage;
4. Adjustable charging voltage;
5. Temperature compensation for charging voltage;
6. Various control modes for load:
    Normal control mode(0), Light control on and delayed off Mode(1),
    Light control on and delayed off and one hour before dawn(2), Light control mode(3)
7. Statistical data of generated energy and consumed energy;
8. Communication function (RS232 OR RS485); (Optional function)
9. Protection for reversed connection of battery;
    Protection for reversed connection of solar panel;    
    Protection for reverse-discharge of battery;
    Protection for input over-current from solar panel; 
    Over-current protection for load;
    Short circuit protection for load;
    Under-voltage protection for battery;
    Over-voltage protection for battery;
LCD Display Shows:
View and Set the Following Parameters:

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