High praise from client

Good Morning Eric,

I hope you had a good weekend.
I have spent the last few months testing that 750W 24V you sold me to get a general "feel" for them and to see how they perform. I am so happy with these units Eric, they are producing really good figures and I am very glad to be doing business with you. My buyers initial response when they open the box is its impeccable packaging and its overall size and robust construction, so congratulations on building a good quality unit. We are all extremely happy.
Before I started buying from you I did a LOT of research on Chinese turbine manufacturers and I even tested a few. These few actually scared me off the Chinese market for a bit as the quality of it was VERY poor and the figures they claimed were beyond it's actual test figures.
On further research I was still steering toward you guys as your product had a good "feel" and the trust from you was excellent on initial contact.
I am very glad I made the final decision to buy from you as you have been nothing but tremendous and your build quality is second to none, it is far better than ever expected.
Our customers are more than happy to wait the 20 - 30 days for the product as this gives them time to do their site preparation and install the "electrical" side of thing pre installation. It works for us too as it would be an expensive exercise stocking various voltages of every size. As you have noticed i really don't have a "popular" size, they seem to be quite varied.
I have taken some very detailed photos of them to show off the high quality of the units to the customer and this alone is enough to seal the deal in a lot of cases. I had one customer view one and ask where they were built and when I told him they were built in China he was more than surprised claiming the build quality was equal to or better than the European competition.....that is a good sign you are building a good turbine.
One question though - are all of the turbines sold with stainless steel fasteners on the blade bolts, tail bolts etc....the 750W was and I hope this is the case across the line as we have some pretty harsh conditions here.

One thing I really want to know is if I can can get sole rights to sell your brand in Australia? I know you have a seller in Western Australia, HERE and the reason I initially came to you is because I could not get a reply from them. I do not want to disturb their business so I would like to know if we could get rights to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.
Let me know what you thoughts are on this matter as I do love your products and wish to sell them forever.

So, to wrap it up, CONGRATULATIONS to Zonhan for producing a top quality unit and providing unprecedented customer service.
Eric, I would like to you to pass this email onto your boss and to your co-workers to congratulate them all on a job very well done. From the people who sweep your floors through to the people who run the company you have all built a fantastic team who build an excellent product and provide outstanding customer service.

I hope you have an excellent year in business and I look forward to furthering our business relationship in 2013 and beyond.

Kind Regards,



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