Key Features of Zonhan Wind turbine

Key Features:

The main generator shaft is machined from 40Cr steel and heat treated to make it extremely tough.

The main generator shaft is tapered and has a keyway where the blade hub mounts prevents any hub slip.

High quality Stainless Steel bolts throughout the turbine.

High quality castellated, stainless steel nut and pin secures the hub to the main shaft.

High quality sealed bearings on the main shaft and the yaw bearing.

Vacuum pressure impregnated coil windings in the generator.

Rare Earth Magnets – The world strongest magnet!!! High quality neodymium iron boron material (NdFeB) magnets are used in the generator. These are also galvanized for longevity and are rated over 150 degrees Celsius.

Our Slip Rings use J164 carbon brush which contain 90% Copper, unlike most who use ONLY 20% Copper. This high copper content extends life and helps it carry more electricity, allowing more electricity to flow from the generator to your system.

Finned generator housing to allow for fast cooling during operation, this is to aid in effective generation.

Good blade profile and size allows these wind turbines to run relatively quiet compared to our competition.

Furling tail – During high winds this will effectively point the turbine away from the direct wind current, resulting in direct mechanical braking.

High density rubber stoppers on the tail arm.

Quality bushes through the blade bolt holes.

German made Kluber lubrication is used throughout this turbine.

As you can see from the above these are high quality, premium turbines. The quality of these are equal to or surpass any other wind turbine in the world.

These turbines produce REAL POWER in realistic conditions.

These are premium turbines, they are not second rate as we flatly refuse to sell anything but the best available.

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