Wind Turbine

  • 10KW variable pitch wind turbine
  • 10KW variable pitch wind turbine
  • 10KW variable pitch wind turbine
10KW variable pitch wind turbine10KW variable pitch wind turbine10KW variable pitch wind turbine

10KW variable pitch wind turbine

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  • variable pitch wind turbine
  • 10kw wind turbine
  • Product description: We takes advantage of the characteristic of weight to control blade angle according to wind speed and rotation speed, and through the blade twist, the turbine changes blades itself aerodynamic charact

1. Variable Pitch wind turbine Introduce

3kw pitch controlled wind turbine adopts:

Wind speed control blades angle changing. The blades angle twists according to the wind speed, this will change the blades itself aerodynamic characteristic to control wind turbine rotation speed. This will make the generator output power constantly.

2. Variable Pitch wind turbine features

A. Blades rotor: Blades rotor efficiency can reach 0.42. Noise level is less than 65db, and balance adjustment has been carried out strictly before leaving factory.

B. Generator: Blades rotor drives directly. Lower rotation speed, PMG synchronous generator, over load capacity is 150%.

C. Pitch controlled wind turbine: Adopt stable pitch controlled system, can be used in variable environments

D. Low failure rate

E. Speed regulates Performance: The precision of pitch controlled system is 10 r/min, and never over speed at gale.

F. Low Start-up Wind Speed: According to different wind conditions, adjust the blade initial angle to make wind turbine start up at low wind speed.

G. The start-up wind speed is 3m/s.

H. Manual brake: Reliable braking system, easy to operate, can stop wind turbine at any time.  Automatically undo cable: slip rings undo the cable automatically. Ensure the cable has not twist. Double carbon brushes structure make sure power transfer without failure.

I. Well-adapted Wind turbine: The operation wind speed is 3-30m/s.

3.wind turbine 3kw technical data

Blades rotor Diameter (m)

Material and number of blades


Rated power/max power (w)


Rated wind speed (m/s)


Startup wind speed (m/s)


Working wind speed (m/s)


Survived wind speed (m/s)


Rated rotation speed (r/min)


Working voltage (v)


Generator style

3 phase, AC PMG

Speed regulation method

Pitch controlled +yaw

Stop method

Brake by hand drag +electromagnet brake

Working system

Off-grid working system/on grid working system

Guy wire tower height


Tilting up tower height


Wind turbine main body weight (kgs)


4. Noise level. (9m height tower)

Under the tail rod, 6m/s, 50-55dba;

0-25m, wind speed 8m/s--12m/s, 35-45dba;

Distance longer than 25m, background noise is larger than wind turbine speed;

5. Output power curve