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  • Mppt controller for pump
Mppt controller for pump

Mppt controller for pump

  • Product description: Maximum Power Point Tracking contorller for solar panel to run the DC pump

Function of solar pump controller box:

a.     Low-voltage protection (It is automatic)

b.     Overcurrent protection(It is automatic)

c.     Protection for low water level in well (WC,WH sensors)

d.     Protection for full water level in tank (TC,TH sensors)

e.     Controlling running speed of motor (Speed regulator)

f.      Delay for restart working function (Timer regulator is to be set a period of rest time after the pump stops working from low water level protection in well)

g.     MPPT function. (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

h.     Battery (optional). (Batterycan be connected to the controller directly for storing electricity.)