Wind Turbine

  • S-300W Wind Turbine Generator 12V/24V
S-300W Wind Turbine Generator 12V/24V

S-300W Wind Turbine Generator 12V/24V

  • Product description: 2m/s low wind speed starts the wind turbine generator DC output, built-in controller Low fault and strong ability to resist the Typhoon Horizontal shaft function 15 year long service life Structure

300W Wind Turbine Generator 12V/24V 2.0m/s Low Wind Speed Start,3/5 blade 650mm, with charge controller

Wind Turbine Generator  Features

1. 2m/s low wind speed starts the wind turbine generator.

This is the most obvious advantage of this wind generator in all of same level product on the market which make high wind energy utilization rate.

 2. DC output, built-in controller

Controller design make controller produce stable power generation. 12V or 24V DC voltage output can be automatically recognition.

 3. Low fault and strong ability to resist the Typhoon

Fan adopts the unique design of the fuselage shock smooth operation, no noise, the blades with nylon composite materials manufacturing and become, with the optimization of aerodynamic design and structural design, start wind speed is low, high wind energy utilization coefficient, increase the power generating capacity. Stern rudder adopts the design of automatic yaw, stronger ability to resist the typhoon, safe and reliable operation.

 4. Horizontal shaft function.

The wind turbine generator can adjust the angle automatically according to the wind directions by the horizontal shaft design.

 5. 15-year long service life.

Due to the motor internal labyrinth design, external all fasteners are high strength stainless steel products, so it has better protection effect, can waterproof (IP65), prevent sand more effectively. 

 6. Structure is simple and reliable, beautiful appearance, and strong mobility.


Technical Description:

Rated power


Maximum power


Rated voltage


Start-up wind speed


Rated wind speed


Survival wind speed


Top net weight        


Wheel diameter


Number of blades


Blades material

Nylon fiber


Three phase permanent magnet ac synchronous generator



Generator case

Casting aluminum alloy

Control system

Electromagnet/wind wheel yaw

Speed regulation

Automatically adjust windward direction

Working temperature