Solar Power System

  • solar motion sensor light
solar motion sensor light

solar motion sensor light

  • Product description: Perfect for patios, decks, pathways, stairways, driveways, garden, etc. The outdoor solar powered motion sensor light requires No wiring and No tools! And it will turn on at night
Energy saving and environmental protection, without electricity dissipation, no need AC supply
Auto recharge and turn off during the daytime, auto turn on at night, no need manual control
Easy for installation, no need wiring and other fussy installation process, add the needed light source for your house without the added expense and trouble of installing electrical wire
IP64 waterproof, application for courtyard lighting, residential road lighting, park corridor lighting, plaza lighting and other venues lighting

Solar Panel: 5.5V
Li-ion Battery: 3.7V£¬2000MA NI-MH Battery*2
LED Power: 2.2W
Motion angle and distance: 120 degrees, 3 meters
Delay time: 12s
Switch: OFF/AUTO
Lighting Modes :Strong Long Light Mode/Dim Light Sensor Mode/Strong Light Sensor mode.
(Adjust three light moods freely by pressing the key for 3s-5S壩
1.Strong Long Light Mode: when fade into darkness, the light will keep strong and bright until itself dies.
2.Dim Light Sensor Mode: when in dark night, the light will be dim without people coming near, however become bright if people comes, and the bright light will last 30 seconds until it returns to dim light again.
3.Strong Light Sensor Mode: In night, the light will be strong bright when people comes, then 30 seconds later, the light dies automatically.

Package included:
Solar motion sensor light x 1
Plastic Fixed Panel x 1
Expansion Pillar-hinge x 2
Screws x 2

English User Manual x 1