FSC6-68 Solar Centrifugal Pump
ZPS 正弦波逆变器
3KW 风光互补系统
100W-300W 垂直轴风力发电机
太阳能充电控制器 (3KW-20KW
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FSC6-68 Solar Centrifugal Pump


产品描述:FSC6-68 Solar Centrifugal Pump



Adopt stainless steel screw and rubber stator, permanent Magnet Brushless motor. With combination of motor and controller, the max efficiency is over 85%, raises 25% than the traditional AC pump.

2. Material:

1) Stainless steel casing, shaft core, coupling and pump body; copper alloy connecting, base; rubber stator of high-strength and wear-resistant.

2) Oil immersion style stainless steel submersible motor.

Product Feature:

1) Compact structure, high-lift, noiseless, pollution-free; complete electrical protecting controller device, against under-voltage, over-voltage, over-flow, overload, waterless etc; automatic recovery; controlling water height as demand.

2) Easy installation, maintenance-free, safe and reliable.


These electric pumps series are workable within maximum head, as there are no restrictions of BDC. With the addition of high head, high efficiency and wide high efficiency zone, they are suitable for distance water irrigation, high efficiency of increasing oxygen on aquaculture, pumping water from deep well, gardening, fountain and etc.

Working condition:

1) Non-corrosive water; the volume ratio of sand content no more than 1‰ particle size less than 0.2mm.

2) Max medium temperature up to +40 ; PH value remains 6.5-8.5.

3) Work close to the rated head and must be immersed in water.

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